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How to Clean the Glass of a Framed Picture

Posted - 02/09/2012

When admiring that special picture hanging on the wall and you notice that the framed glass could use a thorough cleaning, do not be so quick to just wipe it down with the average household cleaner. Many frames come with special UV protecting and glare-reducing properties to preserve the framed art. Therefore, special consideration should be taken when it comes to cleaning it. Even if the glass isn't the most top-notch available, it may still be susceptible to streaks and blotches.

The best way to ensure the glass is properly and safely cleaned is to take the entire frame to a custom framing company. They can take apart the frame and remove the framed work in order to gain access to both sides of the glass. Once the glass is removed from the frame the custom framing company will use a high-quality glass cleaner to leave the surfaces smudge-free and spotless. Finally, they will reassemble the frame, art, and glass back to its original state in order for pick-up. Not only will a custom framing company take excellent care of your framed picture, but they will save you tons of time and frustration. The sparkling-clean glass will bring a new and brighter life to your house without you even having to lift a finger.
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